Happy New Year!

It’s been a bizarre, challenging and beautiful year - we can’t thank you guys enough for the constant barrage of love. It’s helped in an unmeasurable fashion. After undergoing sinus surgery in February, Brandon continued to have some severe respiratory and immune function setbacks. With the council of a few different doctors, we decided it was best for him to leave his job in July to tackle the problems head-on. We’ve made some solid positive progress, but still have a good ways to go. Through all of the difficulties, music has been a constant uplifting force. In October we began working with Max Lockwood, Dan Rickabus and Seth Bernard at Ian Gorman’s La Luna Recording & Sound on what is to become our third full-length LP. The album is a throwback tribute to our Upper Midwest homeland and will likely be released in mid-2017. Thanks for the unwavering support friends - we have a few announcements coming up for what proves to be a somewhat mellow yet exciting 2016. Happy New Year! Photo by Josh Michels.