It Takes A Village

Gifts or Creatures does not seem to question that wisdom whatsoever. They will break ground on a new album next week and they are not alone. The highly anticipated follow up to Pilot House is currently being channeled by its co-conspirators, husband and wife duo, Brandon and Bethany Foote. BF and BF who are rumored to be BFF’s have called upon a constellation of characters to join them in the newly launched Artist haven, Miss Muse, in Kalamazoo. Among the stars is not one but two extremely talented percussionists, Ty Forquer, (G or C’s go to man with sticks), and Trevor Hobbs, of Breathe Owl Breathe. Throw Ian Gorman in the mix and you have a rhythm section that could sail you across the Atlantic, maybe event the Pacific depending on which way the wind is blowing. The Footes also plan to double date for the week with the Mitten state newlyweds Samuel Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, who bring their whole hearts everywhere they go and give freely to the creative process. This wonderful congregation of creators will put their trust in K-Zoo’s own Ben Lau to engineer this week long session and Photographic Guru & Timeless Curator; John Hanson will be artfully documenting the process.

Beyond the physical presence of the aforementioned “legends in real time” Gifts or Creatures will be channeling the energy of figures inspiring to them including but not limited to: John Muir, Naomi Klein, Bill Mckibben, Teddy Roosevelt, Brad & Amanda Kik, Mother Theresa, Jeremy Lin (Lin-Sanity), Devin Foote, Joshua Davis, Dominic, Rachael Davis, Virgil Ryman Davis, Chris Dorman, Corie Pierce, Michael Beauchamp, Mike Shimmin, Phil Wintermute, Roscoe (My parents golden retriever) , Bill Chesney, John and Sara, and Captain Midnite.

They have also shared with their team a list of albums to listen to before diving in. Perhaps, we could join them in enjoying one or more of the following?

1. The Flying Burrito Brothers "The Gilded Palace of Sin"

2. The Beatles "Revolver"
3. The Ventures "Walk Don't Run"
4. Paul Simon "Surprise"
5. Buddy Holly "The Great Buddy Holly"
6. Paul Simon "So Beautiful or So What"
7. The Byrds "Sweetheart of the Rodeo"
8. Monsters of Folk "Monsters of Folk"
9. Manuel Galban & Ry Cooder "Mambo Sinuendo"
10. The Soil & the Sun "Wake Up Child"
11. The Low Anthem "Smart Flesh"
12. The Photographers "Nostalgia Country"
13. Seth & May "New Flower"
14. Anathallo "Canopy Glow"
15. The Red Sea Pedestrians "The Electromagnetic Escape"
16. Breathe Owl Breathe "Magic Central"
17. Frontier Ruckus "Deadmalls and Nightfalls"
18. Joshua Davis "Fool Rooster"
19. Chris Bathgate "A Cork Take Wake"
20. Page France "Hello Dear Wind
21. Cotton Jones "Tall Hours in the Glowstream"
22. The Weepers "House of Love"
23. Michael Beachamp "My Northern Voices"
24. Chris Dorman "Sita"
25. Rachael Davis "Antebellum Queens"
26. Mermaid Avenue Vol. 1 & 2
27. Son Volt "Trace"
28. County All Stars "Jazz from the Hills"
29. Wilco "A Ghost is Born"
30. Beach Boys "Pet Sounds"
31. Van Morrison "Saint Dominic's Preview"
32. M. Ward "Transfiguration of Vincent
33. Sufjan Stevens "Seven Swans"
34. Michael Jackson "Thriller"
35. The Beatles "Rubber Soul"
36. A Tribe Called Quest "Low End Theory"
37. Neil Young "After the Gold Rush"
38. Andrew Bird "The Mysterious Production of Eggs"
39. Wilco "AM"
40. The Beatles "Abbey Road"