Gifts or Creatures is the musical pursuit of husband-wife Brandon and Bethany Foote. The couple fuses a blend of Midwestern folklore, old-world history and cinematic soundscapes to create a trove of antique Americana.

The Michigan duo’s latest release, Fair Mitten (New Songs of the Historic Great Lakes Basin), is a tribute to their Great Lakes home (out 09.22.17). Recorded in Kalamazoo alongside Seth Bernard, Dan Rickabus (The Crane Wives) and Max Lockwood (Big Dudee Roo, May Erlewine), the album offers up a collection of songs that celebrates the rich history and timeless significance of the Great Lakes Basin.   

Since 2010, Gifts or Creatures has performed throughout the Midwest and has shared bills with Blitzen Trapper, Breathe Owl Breathe and Frontier Ruckus. They have appeared at the Wheatland Music Festival and recorded with Daytrotter. Brandon & Bethany are also active members of Michigan's Earthwork Music Collective, advocating for original music and environmental awareness throughout the Great Lakes region.

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Selected Remarks:

"Their evocative music blends folk, pop, and Americana elements with a deep historical bent that is at times both hauntingly dark and wistfully poetic. The interplay between Brandon's warm, electric guitar and Bethany's Wurlitzer electric piano is as much a signature sound as are their delicate vocal harmonies."


"Gifts or Creatures' new album Yesteryear Western Darkness is a gorgeous and unique work filled with rich, lush tones and poetic, historically-charged lyrics for the times. The songs are brilliantly crafted. Art and heart at work."

-Seth Bernard, Earthwork Music

 "It’s not a bad comparison to say that Yesteryear Western Darkness sounds like a Wilco-ized version of The Civil Wars, although that’s selling their talents short in the service of quick reference...Gifts or Creatures aren't into riffs or attitude-filled ragers, but they sure know how to write a song that cuts to the bone."  

-Independent Clauses

"Gifts or Creatures have created an intriguing new sound from the most unlikely combination of instruments - the end result is a thoroughly engaging mix that in uniquely Americana."

-Doug Neal, WDBM Impact 89FM

"The lyrics, on the other hand, are reaching, ambitious and, occasionally, timeless. In his songwriting, Brandon often reckons with fables and historical accounts. Gifts or Creatures’ lyrical characters are aptly developed and inspire repeated listening."

-Andrew Knot, The Rapidian