Earthwork Family Weekend 2012

Held on the Bernard family's 183 acre farm in Missaukee County, Michigan, the Earthwork Family Weekend has educated, empowered and inspired hundreds of families since it's creation in 2006. With hands-on workshops in songwriting, music, dance, theatre, visual art, ecology, permaculture and more, families experience the creative process together, learning new skills and developing a greater understanding of and appreciation for the natural world. With barn dances, rhythmic adventures, puppet shows, group games, sharing circles and the legendary talent show, Family Weekend provides a safe container for all to be received for who they are and a platform for children (and parents) to cultivate their own unique gifts and talents. Healthy local vegetarian meals and spacious natural camping areas in our woods and meadows are provided. Our wonderful staff is comprised of professional musicians, farmers, artists, educators, Moms and Dads with big hearts and open hands. Join us for an unforgettable creative and fun weekend with an intimate group of families on June 15-17th, 2012 at Earthwork Farm! More info can be found here.